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Wow! This song is really good!

*replays 5 more times*

I’m so sick and tired of this song.

*replays 100 more times*


Soooo in case anyone was wondering, I’m a real person .-.

You can find me on Facebook and add me if you want, I’m pretty entertaining, promise! 👌

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Don’t judge my name 😢

I don’t care who the fuck you are, if we just met or what. But if you reply back instantly to my messages, you’re my bestfriend.

—    HiveMindSupply

Don’t live in the past, memories will haunt you. Don’t live for the future, you’ll see things you weren’t prepared for.

—    HiveMindSupply


dont date a girl who runs a pale blog, she’ll wake you up with coffee and nice kisses; date a girl who runs a humor blog, she’ll wake u up by pouring water on u and steal ur clothes after u shower

Wise words of advice 😂

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If you ever think how white people act in horror movies is just a stereotype remember that my grandma used to work in an insane asylum and for fun during her downtime on the night shift she would wander around the abandoned tunnels under the asylum where 8 people had died

what the fuck your grandma is metal as fuck

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